Mossberg 500 improved elevator

Mossberg 500 improved elevator

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Will Mossberg 500 Elevator Fit A Maverick 88 And Will Mossberg S130 Sight Fit Mossberg 740t is best in online store.

Aug 02, 2008 · Both the Mav 88 and the Mossy 500 hold 5+1. They're functionally identical except for the location of the safety. The Mav 88 comes standard with black synthetic stock and forearm, though....while...

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The Mossberg elevator is a unique design. The skeleton elevator, also known as a carrier, folds flat against the bolt and locking block. This eliminates the dreaded "flap" found on other shotguns. Unfortunately this elevator was designed for mass production and not high performance. Mossberg 54330: This Mossberg 500 Youth Field/Deer Combo features a Flex 4-Position Adjustable stock with a blued metal finish. This 20 gauge combo comes with two barrels: a 24" fully rifled barrel with adjustable rifle sights and a 22" vent rib barrel with dual bead sights. It is equipped with a 3" chamber and includes an Accu-Set of choke tubes.

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Mossberg 500, 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. Mossberg 500, 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. 18.5-inch barrel, 6-round magazine.

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