Chitubox plugin

Chitubox plugin

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Setting up Octoprint with a chitu board plugin and Pi Zero USB drive emulation "gadget" would be a great combo. I'm still new to all of this resin stuff, but at a high level, we would just need the ability to move/home the z-axis, start, stop, and pause prints.

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Hi, i will be providing you the ketchup 3d model file and will provide you the reference files and images, I need experienced and creative designers to come up with the best color for building exterior according to instructions, send me the hd rendered image and file. install asian paints plugin for sketch up and use those color codes only. logins Username: [email protected] Password: nopenope Stats: 61% success rate; 577 votes; 2 years old

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The problem with Zbrush is that the native scale is equal to a 1cm3 bounding box. So if I export a 1m cube from Maya it will be 100 times too big in ZB. Surely there's a way to sync Maya/ZB as you can with Max/ZB? My workflow with Zbrush/DCC involves iterating and jumping between the programs regularly. That's why Styx plugin is so useful.

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